With the pandemic lots of sports have to adapt their procedures. This iPhone app will allow score keeping on the curling ice and emailing a report of the score without touching the rink scoreboard or any paper.

When app is started you see the scoreboard (shown in portrait and landscape) Just as in a curling rink scoreboard you tap the end numbers to pick up an end tag and then tap the end to place the tag. There are self-explanatory Undo and Clear buttons. Tap Help to see instructions. Tap Report when the game is completed.

Scoring screen iPhone 6 360

Curling Scoring iPhone 6 Plus - Landscape

When report is called the date and time are automatically added and the scores are carried over from the scoreboard. Enter any information required by your league for reporting purposes. You may have to report the participants' names for contact tracing. Some information may be consistent so you can save that information by tapping Settings. The report can be emailed immediately or you can save it for later retrieval.

Curling Scoring - iPhone 6 Plus - Report